Best 3 in 1 Gel Nail Polish  UV and Led Light Cure, Fast. Perfect on Nails and shinning. Oulac Gel is available in bth the standard Gel and the One-Step Gel Range.

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Glitter gel polish

Introducing the One Step Gel by Bluesky OULAC, which is Bluesky gel polish manufacturer and supplier. Re-creating all the benefits of Bluesky but even faster!!! •One application only!! No Top or Base Coats Required!! No Sticky Residue!! All the benefits of three step gel polish without the need for top or base and no sticky residue! (The One Step colour can be also used in the same way as the traditional shellac with a top and base coat for even longer lasting nails.)

We stock the professional OULAC Gel Bluesky Brand which is the same Manufacturer as bluesky Gel polish-THE OFFICIAL BLUESKY COMPANY

OULAC is its own registered trademark and brand name and implies no connection or association with other brands such as CND, OPI and Gelish.

Oulac Nail polish is made under strict conditions and all colours are European and British safety criteria approved.

Oulac Gel polish is available in both 12 ml size standard colour range and the15 ml Size bottles.

gel polish

All our OULAC products are 100% authentic made by the same Bluesky Company.

14+ day Wear. Mirror Shine. Zero Dry Time. No Nicks. No Smudges. UV3 Technology.

OULAC Nail Polish is a hybrid Gel Nail Polish that goes on as effortlessly as ordinary nail polish but remains perfect flawless for a minimum of 14 days with the correct application.

Below is standard Gel Polish which requires Top and Base Coat