Shop Gel Polish (Cures under Lamp) 

Weekly Nail Polish by Bluesky lasts much longer than traditional Nail Polish.
Gone are the days when you apply nail polish and its smudged all over just before you've even began to apply to your other hand (not to mention that you need to be wrapped in a straight-jacket so you don't accidentally touch anything before your fingernails are dry enough for the next coat.)
Weekly nail polish is fast drying and lasts longer than the regular nail we're all used to.
Sure there needs to be several minutes curing time in between coats, but there are no lamps needed, just good old fashioned patience. 

Weekly Top Coat. The secret to long lasting Nail Polish is a good premium quality top coat to seal the deal.
Bluesky have developed their weekly top coat for their weekly brand nail polish with a  high glossy shine that won't disappoint.
No Base Coat is needed, and you don't need to cure under a lamp.

What is Gel Polish?
Gel polish is cured by UV or Led light. 
Within minutes your nails are completely dry and by the time your manicure is over, they are strong enough to withstand everyday wear like housework and outdoor activities such as gardening or sport. 
Gel polish offers long lasting wear compared to traditional Nail Polish.

What if I am not a Nail Tech, can I apply Gel Polish at home?  It takes little practice to apply your own Gel Nails at home, you should follow the instruction provided and check out our Troubleshooting Tutorial. It's fun, inexpensive and virtually anyone can do it! 

  • Gel Color: The cost of the polish is about $9 per bottle.
  • Top and Base Coat: A base coat and top coat $9 each
  • UV Led lamp: Shellac /Gel polish cures under an LED or UV lamp, it wont work without one of these. Curing Lamps on our website range from $40 - $150 Click here to find out which lamp is best for you.

Extras you'll need are,  Nail File, Alcohol wipes, Acetone or Remover wraps.  To purchase these items Click Here

Starter Kits have been designed and packaged with everything you need to get started.! Click here for Starter Kits