How to remove your Gel Polish?

You will need.

Acetone - real acetone from salon store, not supermarket brands

Aluminium Foil 

Cotton Wool

Wooden Stick

Nail File

Apply cuticle oil to your cuticles. Rub cuticle oil into the skin around your nails.

Cuticle oil is a product designed to soften and moisturize your cuticles, or coconut oil. Applying it to your cuticles before removing the Gel nail polish will provide your skin with a protective layer against the harsh, drying acetone needed for this process.

Pure acetone will have the strongest effect, but acetone nail polish removers will also work as long as the concentration of acetone is around 60 percent or more.

Acetone-free nail polish removers or those that contain very little acetone will not be effective for gel nails.
You can use pure acetone, but pure acetone will cause your nails and skin to become extremely dry.

1. File polish from the nails. Gently file the nail plate to scratch and remove some of the gel polish, no need to press hard, you won't remove all the polish and never use drills !

2. Wrap the foil around your nail. Apply acetone directly onto a cotton wool and tightly wrap a square of tin foil around each fingertip to hold the acetone-soaked cotton pad in place.
Wrap each fingertip tight enough to secure the cotton but not so tight that you tear the aluminum foil or cause circulation problems.
Aluminum foil creates heat, which actually improves the effectiveness of the nail polish remover.
Give each nail a gentle press to make sure that the acetone comes into contact with the nail.

3. Wait 5 to 10 minutes.
The gel polish will begin to peel away after a few minutes, but you may find it more effective if you leave it on for a full 10 minutes, instead.
The more highly-concentrated the acetone is, the sooner you can remove the cotton.
If you wait much longer than 8 minutes, the cotton can dry out. If this happens, it can get stuck to your nail, making it more difficult to remove.You can re-apply acetone the cotton wool if needed.
We can't post Acetone, but it is available for pick up.

4. Scrape or wipe away the gel nail polish.
Gently peel the flaking gel polish off with an orange stick or manicure tool.
We sell orange wood sticks here
Place the flat edge of the tool against the bottom of your nail. Gently scrape the length of the nail until all the nail polish is removed.
You might be able to wipe the remaining polish away with another cotton pad soaked in more acetone remover.
We sell acetone soaking bowls here

5. Buff the nail, if necessary.
If there is any sticky or chalky residue left, use a soft cloth or other soft buffer to gently wipe it away.

6. Wash your hands.
Remove additional residue with warm water and soap.
No matter how careful you are, some dehydration is likely to occur. 

7. Apply lotion and more cuticle oil.
 Moisturizing lotion and cuticle oil will help restore some of the lost moisture. After washing your hands, put some moisture back into them with hand lotion. Rub more cuticle oil into your cuticles and over your nails to further moisturize them.

bluesky gel polish removal process
removal process of shellac nail polish

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