If UV gel nails aren’t properly cured, the results could range from lifting, cracking, air pockets ,to allergic reactions and more.

To ensure proper curing of UV nail gels, its very important to always use the UV or Led nail lamp that was designed specifically for the UV and Led gel polish brand and which has been recommended by the manufacturer and cured as directed.

Gel Polish is cured by UV light within minutes. Your nails are completely dry by the time your manicure is over, and strong enough to withstand everyday wear like housework and outdoor activities such as gardening and sport. It offers long lasting wear. and features similar to a plasticised coating.

What if I am not a Nail Tech, can I apply Gel Polish at home?  It takes little practice to apply your own Gel Nails, you should follow the instruction provided and check out our trouble shooting Q & A below. It's fun, inexpensive and virtually anyone can do it! 

Starter Kits have been designed and packaged with everything you need to get started! 

What is UV light and Led light and what's the the difference  ?

Gel Nail Polish is formulated to harden when it's exposed to different forms of light.

Uv light, or Ultra Violet light is the mostly invisible form of light that is present in Sunlight, Tanning Bed Lamps, and Nail Curing Lamps.

Led light is a light source that is visible and can also contain invisible forms of light, such as UV light.

Generally Led lamps will take less time to cure the gel polish, however a small wattage Led such as a 9 watt Led will still take 2 minutes cuing time, so stick with powerful Led higher wattage such as a 48 watt Led for maximum results. If you are budget conscience, then look for lower watts such as an 18 watt led. - or go with the traditional UV 36 watt UV Lamp.

Unlike UV curing lamps, Led light globes never require a change of light bulbs. UV curing lamps are standard throughout retail salons and are very effective. After some time of regular use, the light globe bulbs in UV lamp may no longer cure the nail gel products properly.

How often should I replace them?

Generally, in around 2-4 months of regular Salon use, or much longer for home usage. If UV gel nails aren’t properly cured, the results could range from lifting to cracking to air pockets to allergic reactions and more.

Important information about Gel Polish Brands,

Can I purchase just any lamp?

We have found that the lamps found in our store will cure many brands of Gel Nail Polish, because many brands of Gel polish will cure under a 36 watt UV lamp or a full Led lamp.

Salons generally have both of these lamps in their salon as they work with many and most gel polish brands.

Some UV brands will cure under both UV and Led light, and some LED Gels will only cure under Led light. Again, check with the brand manufacturer if you are unsure.

Gel Polish, UV Gels, Builder Gels or Creative Nail Design SHELLAC® Nail Color at home may not cure properly  in  just  any  LED  lamp, because  they  can  produce different wavelengths of light. Some brands/color of Gel Polish is formulated to work with specific wavelengths which is why brand manufacturers often sell their own lamps. 

Creative  Nail  Design,  the  manufacturer  of SHELLAC ®  Nail  Color recommends  using  its own  CND™  brand  LED  curing  lamp  to  cure SHELLAC® Nail Color.   Gelish also have their own 3G Led curing lamp produced especially for their brand.

Bluesky manufacturer recommend that you use a minimum 36 watt-UV curing lamp with Bluesky Gel Polish

Recommended for Salon is the 48 watt LED or 36 watt UV curing lamp should be used.